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Aplisens Data Communication Tools for Field Devices

Aplisens Communication Tools for HART, Modbus Configuration and Data exchange, MonitoringIn order to configure, exchange and monitor data with measurement field devices Aplisens offers different communication tools:

  • Handheld HART Communicator
  • USB & Wireless Bluetooth HART Modem for PC and Mobile devices
  • Android Mobile Configurator
  • Communication Software for configuration and data exchange

Handheld HART Field Communicator

Handheld HART Field Communicator from AplisensThe KAP-03 HART field communicator is a portable battery supplied device used for communication and exchange of data (config, zeroing, span, spot check, calibration) with smart Aplisens transmitters e.g. pressure, differential pressure transmitters.

It features an output built as a standard current loop 4-20 mA, using FSK modulation type BEL 202 with an implemented HART 5&6 communication protocol.

It has an intrisically safe option for explosion proof applications.


USB & Wireless Bluetooth HART Modem for PC and Mobile Devices

The HART/USB converter allows for connecting and configuration of HART transmitters via USB port or Bluetooth.

Universal USB & Bluetooth HART Modem from Aplisens

  • Universal connectivity for any manufacturer and device type.USB & Wireless Bluetooth HART Modem for PC and Mobile devices
  • USB connection to PC, Laptop and Mobile devices (Android, Apple and Windows)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for PC, Mac, Laptop and Mobile devices (Android, Apple and Windows)
  • USB rechargeable battery.
  • Programmable auto off when left inactive.
  • Compatible with windows OS from XP to the latest release (Windows 10, etc)

Android Mobile Configurator

The Mobile Configurator for Android based devices to communicate and transfer data with Aplisens transmitters.

Android Mobile Configurator from Aplisens

  • Supports wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Read basic device information
  • Configure device's Tag, Descriptor, Message, Address, etc.
  • Monitor process variables
  • Configure range and units, write protection
  • Configure specific features of pressure and temperature transmitters (LCD, Alarms, transfer function, user variable)

Raport-2 PC Software

The advanced HART communication software Raport 2 to configure, monitor and record Aplisens HART and MODBUS instruments.

Raport 2 Communication Software for HART and MODBUS for Aplisens devices

  • read device parameters
  • configure device parameters
  • save device parameters configuration to file
  • read current measurements of process quantities and their visualization in charts
  • device calibration
  • configure device display, if applicable
  • generate a device configuration report

PDF Aplisens Communications Tools

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